Keynote speaker

Keynote Speaker – Thursday, July 4  09:00 - 10:30 (Grand Amphithéâtre - GA)

Dr. Robin Goodchild 
Honorary Professor 
University of Aberdeen Business School

"Nature of Property Cycles"


Dr Goodchild was a senior director in LaSalle’s Global Research & Strategy team for 20 years, retiring on 31 May 2017. During his career, he was responsible for leading on the firm’s investment strategy in Europe and a member of various investment committees whose approval is required for all debt and equity transactions in the region. He now focuses on his advisory roles with Westminster City Council, an Oxbridge College and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, as well as maintaining links with academia principally through his honorary chair at the University of Aberdeen Business School. 

Dr Goodchild is a chartered surveyor with over 45 years real estate experience in the UK, continental Europe and Asia Pacific who has been responsible for managing property investment portfolios since 1985. He specializes in identifying the direction of real estate markets and the investment opportunities they offer. In particular, he was closely involved both in all LaSalle’s investments in the UK residential sector and with developing practical ways in which the risk profile of property portfolios can be analysed. 

He joined LaSalle in 1997 as Research Director and is well known in international property circles as a speaker and market commentator. He was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the UK Society of Property Researchers in 2004 and received an Achievement Award from the European Real Estate Society in 2007. 

Prior to joining LaSalle, Dr Goodchild was a partner of Gerald Eve, chartered surveyors, in London for 12 years. 

Education and Affiliations 
Dr Goodchild was awarded a PhD by the University of Cambridge in 1979 and an MA by the same university in 1975. He qualified as a chartered surveyor in 1973. He is a past president of both the Cambridge University Land Society and the Society of Property Researchers, as well as being an active member of both RICS and the Investment Property Forum.

Vanessa THOMAS,
29 juin 2019, 05:46